Pisciotta (Salerno)

Illegal rubbish dump uncovered in Cilento national park

Cliffside site in national park

Illegal rubbish dump uncovered in Cilento national park

(ANSA) - Pisciotta (Salerno), August 28 - An illegal rubbish dump has been discovered in a protected coastal area near the southern city of Salerno, local finance police said on Tuesday. The 10,000 sqm site - visible only from the air - is located on a cliff in the Cilento national park and surrounded by a number of structures serving tourists in the area. The dump contains a variety of more or less harmful special waste including building debris, old vehicles, plastic tubing and fibre cement containing asbestos. The owner of the site has been reported to the judicial authorities and must now clean up the area. The same man will also have to answer for the illegal employment of seven workers at a nearby tourist facility that he runs.

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