Camorra welcome-home party leads police to arrest five

Firework display saluted mobster's release from jail

Camorra welcome-home party leads police to arrest five

(ANSA) - Naples, August 28 - An enormous welcome-home party, complete with fireworks, led police to arrest five people said to be associated with the Naples Camorra mafia organization on Monday. Friends had organized a celebration to welcome home from prison a member of the D'Ausilio clan of Naples. Instead, police - who had the place under surveillance - swooped in and nabbed two men known to be associates of the clan, one 36 and the other 31; a 20-year-old known to police; a 28-year-old; and a 16-year-old. Charges range from use of dangerous explosives to creating a disturbance. Police seized at least 60 kilograms of fireworks and explosives.

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