Coloured pigeons cause outcry in Venice

Artistic performance irks animal rights groups

Coloured pigeons cause outcry in Venice

(ANSA) - Venice, August 27 - Animal rights activists in Venice were up in arms on Monday over an artistic performance involving the use of dyed birds. "Some pigeons are more equal than others" by Swiss German artist Julian Charriere saw the release of blue, red and yellow birds previously fed with coloured pigments as a collateral event at the 13th international architecture exhibition, which opens in the lagoon city on August 29. The vegetarian association and anti vivisection league reported the incident to the local municipal and health authorities, asking if it might not be considered a case of animal abuse on grounds that the birds are part of the city's "indispensable state heritage". "While we can fully understand the motivation apparently put forward by the artist, 'pigeons are abused and denigrated', we certainly cannot share in the use he makes of them, which is totally uneducational and distorted: yet again animals are treated like objects from which to derive visibility and profit," said activists Cristina Romieri and Tatiana Zanotti.

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